Sinead Gaffney
Sinead Gaffney

Sinead Gaffney

Fund Development Coordinator for the Society of Women Engineers
Communication Studies Major, Class of 2016

Sinead Gaffney, BA’16, works as the fund development coordinator for the Society of Women Engineers in Chicago. It’s a position that reflects her life’s passion: helping women succeed and prosper in our society.

As for finding that life’s passion, she credits her experience at Creighton University, where it all started with an introductory class.

“I took an Intro to Communication class, and I fell in love,” said Gaffney. “As I took more courses, I realized communication studies was my calling, and decided to make it my major and then define what areas I specifically care about.”

She explored courses in women and gender studies and decided she wanted to do something to support the progression of women in society. She credits Sue Calef, PhD, director of the Women and Gender Studies Program, for helping her pinpoint that passion.

“Her courses opened my eyes regarding the struggle women face, even today,” Gaffney said. “I felt for the first time I was allowed to talk about my own personal experiences. Here I was taught how to apply what I was learning, through literature and conversation, to my life. As a young woman, it was amazing to talk to other women about issues we face.”

Under the guidance of James (Jay) Leighter, PhD, associate professor of communication studies, she completed a senior project that examined sexual assault in college sports.

Now that she has graduated, she is putting her degree to work at the Society of Women in Engineers, a nonprofit, educational organization that invests in the success of women in engineering and technology fields. Gaffney raises funds and helps run the organization’s career center.  She also coordinates local outreach events and works as a corporate liaison to develop relationships with major donors.

“I’m able to work with people who share the same values with me, progressing women in society,” said Gaffney. “The coolest thing about all of this is to have studied something in school, and be so passionate about it, and now this is what I do for a living. It’s really awesome.”