Sarah Starkey
Sarah Starkey

Sarah Starkey

Political Science: Legal Studies​
Rochester, New Hampshire

Creighton Extracurricular Activities

What excited you most about choosing Creighton as your university?

They cared! When I came to tour Creighton, I traveled a long way and at a very inconvenient time — the day before Thanksgiving. My flight to Omaha was supposed to arrive around noon, then I had a campus tour scheduled at 1 p.m. and a meeting with Admissions at 3 p.m. Unfortunately, my flight was delayed and pushed my arrival time to Omaha to 4 p.m. I thought I was going to miss everything. After calling the Admissions Office to let them know I would be arriving late, I was delighted that everyone waited for me. I met with my Admissions advisor who had decorated her office just to tell me that I had been accepted and to tell me what scholarships I had earned. Everything was so personal. Then, she sent me off with students who had waited to go home for Thanksgiving break just so they could give me a tour of campus. Knowing that Creighton had people who really cared is what made me excited to choose it as my university.

What opportunities have made your Creighton experience unique and valuable?

Creighton is not like other schools. Students are encouraged to get involved at any and all levels. For example, the Skutt Shutdown was an incredible way for students to find what opportunities were available to them — extracurricular, academic and more — and to experience them.

What do you think sets Creighton apart from other Universities?

Creighton cares. They want their students to be safe, happy and healthy. Opportunities are given to all students so that they can achieve any and all goals that they desire. If you have a question, there is always someone there to answer it. If you have a concern, there is always someone there to hear you voice it. If you have a complaint, Creighton will always work with you to fix it. Students and their opinions are not ignored, they are embraced.

From your experience, what do you feel are Creighton’s strengths in preparing students for their future?

Creighton’s liberal arts courses are a very strong tool for preparing students for the future. In my first semester at Creighton, I (a Political Science major) was asked to take a math credit and a natural science credit. I was advised to take MTH215: Math for the Modern World and CSC121: Computer Science and Technology. At first both of these courses seemed unrelated to my interests. In MTH215, I learned about voting hypotheses. In CSC121, I learned about algorithms. Then, the next semester when I was taking the first required course for my major, PLS215: Comparative Politics, I found myself utilizing skills from both MTH215 and CSC121. Following the guidance of my advisor, I was able to apply what I thought would be unrelated information to my own life and to my major. Creighton has a plan for every student to learn as much as possible while still tailoring it to their own needs and interests.