Samantha Stoupa
Samantha Stoupa

Samantha Stoupa

Biochemistry major
Omaha, Neb.

Creighton Extracurricular Activities

What excited you most about choosing Creighton as your university?

What I found most exciting upon first coming to Creighton, and what continues to inspire me about this school everyday is the realization I have come to that some of the biggest role models in my life now are my peers. They inspire me with their passion. They excite me with their enthusiasm. And they encourage, challenge, and support me in a spirit of mutual growth. I believe that every single student is here because she or he wants to be more and to give more, and at no place but Creighton have I ever witnessed such a lively embodiment of that commitment to communal growth.

What opportunities at Creighton have made your experience unique and valuable?

Two of my Creighton experiences really stand out as especially formative in my mind. First, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work in Dr. Juliane Soukup’s biochemistry lab as an undergraduate research student [Sam is one of the students from Creighton selected as a Goldwater Scholar for her accomplishments and potential in science]. Dr. Soukup’s mentorship has consistently exceeded anything I could expect from a college advisor. She is a wonderful example of a motivated researcher and teacher, as well as a woman living with a truly Ignatian spirit of concern for others and passion for life. Her clear love for her work, her confidence as a woman in science, and her desire to help students succeed in their own ways are all excellent examples of the quality of the faculty here at Creighton.

Another incredible organization that I have been blessed to participate in while at Creighton is New Student Orientation. I loved Welcome Week as a freshman, but I think that it took my involvement in the program sophomore year for me to truly understand what a special aspect of the Creighton experience this is. I found myself surrounded by the most passionate student leaders at this school, people who were on fire about their own Creighton experiences and eager to pass that spark on to the incoming class. Getting to witness this love for Creighton come full circle was incredible, and the relationships that grew out of that time still serve as constant reminders of everything I love about this special place, which is now home to me and so many others.

What do you think sets Creighton apart from other universities?

What sets Creighton apart is the genuine care for the development of each individual student. Creighton is a school filled with passionate people who are dedicated to helping students realize their academic, social, spiritual, and personal potential. Creighton is so much more than a school, and its people are what make it so diverse, lively, and meaningful. Creighton is a place to learn, to achieve, to question, to be inspired, to dream, to be humbled, to worship, to celebrate. It is home, and each and every person here is part of the family that fills that home with life and love.