Ryan Lloyd
Ryan Lloyd, student

Ryan Lloyd

Computer Science, Graphic Design major
Waco, Texas

Creighton Extracurricular Activities

  • Executive Director of Communications for IRHG (Inter Residence Hall Government)
  • Graphic Design Intern

What excited you most about choosing Creighton?

Choosing Creighton as my university is honestly something that happened purely by chance, and I couldn’t be any happier because of it. When I visited the campus for Admitted Students Day, it really got me excited to be able to walk around as a future Bluejay; the campus was beautiful and the people were overwhelmingly nice. It was, and still is, the perfect choice for me to come here.

What opportunities have made your Creighton experience unique and valuable?

My Federal Work Study assignment here is probably one of the greatest experiences I’ve had on campus so far. Being a freshman (and a pretty introverted one at that), it was hard to find ways to get active and involved on campus. But, the people in Residential Life have been so amazingly kind to me, especially my supervisor. He gave me the courage to actually run for the position I now have in IRHG. He even helped me with off-campus opportunities working in the field of my intended major. Had I not been assigned to the work-study position I’m in, and hope to continue to be in, I would not have been given the chance to take advantage of the amazing opportunities I have been provided.

What sets Creighton apart from other universities?

Without a doubt, it’s the people here who set Creighton apart. The genuine kindness and care you find in your professors, RAs (residence hall advisors), and all faculty in general is something that I feel you can’t find anywhere else; it has a lasting impact on the students here. Given the fact that this is a Jesuit campus, the people here at Creighton really do uphold and exemplify all of the Ignatian values.

How does Creighton prepare students for success?

The opportunities provided for students are definitely at the top of the list for preparing students for the future. Given my experience, I’m getting real-world work experience with the internship I landed, thanks to my supervisor. But aside from that, the on-campus programs like IRHG, RHC (Residence Hall Council), CSU (Creighton Students Union), etc., really give students the chance for leadership opportunities, which will absolutely come in handy in the future, regardless of career choice.