Oliver Alonzo
Oliver Alonzo, student

Oliver Alonzo

Computer Science major
Santiago, Dominican Republic

Creighton Extracurricular Activities

  • CSU Program Board Street Team
  • Cabaret (Creighton Theatre Production)
  • Welcome Week

What excited you most about choosing Creighton as your university?

Since I am an international student, I was excited to leave my home country and Creighton was going to become my home away from home. And the fun part is that now I can say it did become my home away from home.

What opportunities have made your Creighton experience unique and valuable?

People are so welcoming here. My first few weeks were amazing. With international orientations and Welcome Week activities, I felt I was not alone in my transition into college life. I found departments, such as the Creighton EDGE, that helped me adapt. I love how people are so nice everywhere. Whenever I go to a dining hall or a residence hall, I’m welcomed with friendly people giving me a smile. That is valuable! I’ve found many ways to get involved. I have been helping with the International Student Association, church and helping out Spanish teachers.

What do you think sets Creighton apart from other universities?

One of the Jesuit values, cura personalis, sets Creighton apart. The care for the person is something that Creighton takes seriously and I can see it reflected in any environment. From the classroom to the residence hall, there is always someone who is making sure everything is going alright. And the fact that classes are small in size and professors get to know you personally is something that I always enjoy.

From your experience, what do you feel are Creighton’s strengths in preparing students for their future?

Creighton’s main strength is that it forms students who are not just professionals in their fields of study, but well-rounded professionals who can engage in any conversation that could come up. Even though I want to specialize in informatics, the study of other areas such as humanities and social sciences are important in my development as a person to learn to see things from every possible perspective.