Nicole Murphy
Nicole Murphy

Nicole Murphy

Senior Compliance Manager at E*TRADE Financial
Philosophy and Political Science Major, Class of 2006

How does a liberal arts degree give job seekers a leg up on the competition? Ask Nicole Murphy, BA’06.

Having majored in philosophy and political science as a Creighton undergraduate, she now works as a senior compliance manager at E*TRADE Financial near Washington, D.C. Murphy believes the fundamentals of a liberal arts background lay the groundwork for many career opportunities, and even speaks with undergraduates about the advantages of holding a liberal arts degree.

“From my perspective, having a liberal arts degree meant I was able to write and communicate efficiently,” says Murphy. “You will be eternally grateful for the practice, practice, practice you receive as a student to write concisely and effectively. This is a skill not shared by everyone in the workplace.”

Murphy continues, “There are people at all levels of organizations who struggle with consuming and digesting data, or even writing a well-thought-out sentence.”

A Bellevue, Neb., native, Murphy was attracted to Creighton University for the variety of classes, wide breadth of studies, Jesuit values and well-rounded college experience.

“At Creighton, I was given the necessary tools in my toolbox to pursue what I was most passionate about,” says Murphy. “I was able to enter the workplace knowing who I was, in my faith, and to be comfortable and confident in leadership roles.”