Leah Pfeifer
Leah Pfeifer

Leah Pfeifer

Chemistry major, Business Administration minor
Papillion, Neb.

Creighton Extracurricular Activities

  • College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Fellows Program, PR and Outreach Co-chair
  • Alumni Relations Intern
  • Resident Advisor at Kiewit Residence Hall
  • ILAC Water Quality Program (Dominican Republic) 
  • Grief Facilitator with Ted E. Bear Hollow, Omaha

What excited you most about choosing Creighton as your university?

My dad is a Creighton graduate and has always talked about the great education he received at Creighton as well as the strong connections he made with faculty and fellow students that continue today. I was baptized at St. John’s Church and have been attending Creighton sporting events as long as I can remember. Growing up in Omaha, a community full of Creighton alumni, faculty and current students, I knew that I wanted to be part of the Creighton community because it seemed to have such an impact both locally and internationally. When the time came to select a university, I knew I wanted to attend Creighton.

What opportunities at Creighton have made your experience unique and valuable?

Following my sophomore year, I participated in the ILAC Water Quality program in the Dominican Republic led by Dr. Gary Michaels. While the goal of the program was for students to analyze water samples and ultimately correct problems with filters in the communities, this experience was so much more to me than a maintenance project. We were able to integrate ourselves into the community and form relationships over shared meals, story-telling and working in the campos.

Spending time in the Dominican Republic was a defining moment in my college career, and my involvement in the water quality program has definitely impacted my life. As I decide the career path I will pursue, my experience in the Dominican Republic will play a part in my decision. Whatever I choose, I want to have the ability to be involved both locally and abroad and to give back.  

From your experience, what do you think are Creighton’s strengths in preparing students for their future?

I have been an intern with the Creighton Alumni Relations Office for the past two years. This internship has given me the opportunity to see how Creighton’s Jesuit values are integrated into the learning process and how they carry through to life after graduation. My internship focuses on planning events like homecoming and class reunions for alumni, which gives me the incredible opportunity to work with alumni on a personal level. Jesuit values such as magis, or always striving for what is greater, encourage students to constantly ask themselves what more they can do. It has been evident that even after graduation, Creighton alumni continue to live out these values. As I continue my education and move into my professional career, I believe that magis and the other Jesuit values will give me a strong foundation.