John Guggenberger
John Guggenburger, student

John Guggenberger

Eagan, Minnesota

Creighton Extracurricular Activities

What excited you most about choosing Creighton?

The thing that excited me the most is the truly national population that Creighton attracts. There are people from all over America and even the world here. I looked forward to meeting people from all over.

What opportunities have made your Creighton experience unique and valuable?

My experience with Blue Crew has been incredible. I have had the opportunity to travel to tournaments to show my Bluejay spirit around the country.

What sets Creighton apart from other universities?

I think it is the Creighton faculty and staff. The professors and resources we have here are incredible. As a part of my RSP class, we got to have dinner at my professor’s house. We all carpooled over there and played outdoor games and had a terrific dinner. In a way, it made me really feel that this new place was now a home away from home and these new people were like family.

How does Creighton prepare students for success?

The connections that Creighton has nationally are very strong. I was having a casual conversation with a gentleman who works at the Career Center, he asked what my major was and it turns out his brother-in-law is a pharmacist in the Twin Cities. The people who you meet here all have some type of connections and these can lead to an introduction to an interview to a career.