Jesus Yanez-Ruiz
Jesus Yanez Ruiz

Jesus Yanez-Ruiz

Five Things I Love About Creighton
Though it took a while for junior Jesus Yanez-Ruiz to find his niche, today he is involved on campus and breaking ground as the Creighton Students Union’s first Inclusion and Diversity Coordinator.

Yanez-Ruiz, a graduate of Arrupe Jesuit High School in Denver, hopes to work in higher education after he graduates from Creighton, either in an admissions office or intercultural center.

“It is important to have people who can be role models like yourself, who have been in your position,” says Jesus. And having been on the receiving end of that support, he one day hopes to provide it to other students.

Here are five things he loves about Creighton University.

Friendly Professors Who Care

“It’s super easy to talk with the professors,” Jesus says. “They really do want to see you succeed, and they make it easy to be their friends.”

He experienced this during his first year at Creighton. While taking freshman chemistry courses, Jesus said his professor encouraged him to visit during office hours for homework assistance and to ask questions.

One professor Jesus is particularly close to is the Rev. Martin Renzo Rosales, SJ, an assistant professor of sociology, anthropology and social work. In addition to enjoying his courses, Jesus says Fr. Rosales, who is from Panama, will speak with him in Spanish, which makes their connection even stronger.

Indoor Soccer

Jesus, who played soccer in high school, has been able to continue playing his favorite sport recreationally at the Rasmussen Center, a fitness facility on the east end of campus. The Rasmussen Center has an indoor soccer field, so, “No matter how cold it is outside, or if it is dark, I can go play soccer whenever.”

On-Campus Employment Opportunities

Since his freshman year, Jesus has worked in the Creighton Admissions Office. His favorite part of the job is giving tours to potential new undergraduate students. “I get paid to do what I like,” Jesus said. “I like talking to families about Creighton. It’s a great job.”


Jesus says his extracurricular activities have enhanced his Creighton experience. In addition to his role on CSU, Jesus also is deeply involved in the Latino Student Association and the fraternity Sigma Lambda Beta. He also serves as a mentor through Student Support Services. “Getting involved is where you will find your passion, what you are good at and what you want to do,” Jesus said. “For me, it’s been a way to relieve stress.”

Giving Back

Jesus and his friends routinely find time to volunteer in the community. One of his favorite service opportunities is volunteering at area high schools and serving as a translator during parent-teacher conferences through Creighton’s Latino Student Association. He also regularly volunteers with Completely Kids.