Science and Medicine in Society (Minor)

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In both history and contemporary society, science, medicine, ethics and technology have shaped one another. The Science and Medicine in Society minor provides students with historical, sociological, and anthropological perspectives on science and medicine. 

Through the courses in this minor, you’ll gain an understanding of science and medicine as social and political enterprises, which change over time not simply due to new discoveries and insights, but also because of evolving conceptions of reliable knowledge about human health and the natural world. You will learn the necessary analytic skills to make critical assessments about the social production of knowledge and will acquire the tools needed to construct compelling arguments about the role, place, and impact of science and medicine in society. This minor is not open to students majoring in history, but makes a great fit for students majoring in one of the sciences or humanities and wanting to add interdisciplinary depth to their studies.


See a list of all courses that may count toward the minor in the course catalog

Admissions Requirements

A student may not declare a minor until he or she has been accepted into a major. Students declare minors with the minor declaration form.

Eighteen credits of coursework are required to complete a minor. Students must achieve a cumulative GPA of 2.00 in courses toward the minor. 

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