A Woman For and With Others
A Woman For and With Others

Sarah Huddleston, College of Arts and Sciences junior and student leader originally from Illinois, has played an important part in the lives of countless women at Creighton. This hasn’t escaped the notice of her peers, and she recently received the honor of the Mary Lucretia and Sarah Emily Creighton Award. This award, presented by the Creighton University Committee on the Status of Women, honors faculty, staff, students or administrators who have made an outstanding contribution to creating an environment for women to succeed at Creighton.

Nominators described Sarah as a kind, genuine, effective leader who values the contributions of all. Her spirit of reverence embraces each person, allowing everyone to feel equally a part of the mission of the University.

She is an active and committed member of numerous organizations, such as the Creighton Student Unions Board of Representatives. She has served in the Freshman Leadership Program and as the Community Orientation and Diversity Awareness Executive for Welcome Week. Sarah strives to take her organizations to new levels and has the ability to re-energize the groups she leads and create a supportive environment for all involved.

Sarah is deeply reflective and serves as a woman for and with others. It has been said that she is cut from the fabric of Sarah Emily and Mary Lucretia. She is an officer of the Student Organization of Social Work, and as a student majoring in social work, she has weekly interactions with clients from the Heart Ministry Center and Creighton’s Porto Clinic.

When working with clients, she values and assesses each client’s strengths. Her actions demonstrate that she knows the importance of the Jesuit ideal of caring for the whole person. Read the full press release for more information about the award and other honorees.