We All Need to Do Our Part
We All Need to Do Our Part

Julie Srail, a junior from Johnston, Iowa, double-majoring in biology and history, feels we all have an obligation to do our part in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why she’s volunteering her time at the COVID-19 community vaccine clinic at Creighton. 

“This community isn’t going to be vaccinated unless we all put forth some effort to make it so,” said Srail, who has worked at two clinics, both in the patient recovery and observation area. After receiving their vaccine, patients wait in that area for at least 15 minutes – spaced socially distanced apart – to see if they have any immediate negative reaction.

“I just kind of keep them company, and watch for any side effects,” Srail said. “If someone feels woozy, I’ll grab them water and sit with them for a bit. If it’s more serious, I can call on our physician assistants or medical students. I have lots of people I can count on.”

Srail, who is on the pre-med track at Creighton, is a health aide with the University’s Student Health Education and Compliance. In that capacity, she has worked at Creighton’s on-campus testing center, conducting nasal swab tests, as well as at temperature screening stations. Working at the COVID-19 vaccine clinic, she said, has added to that well-rounded experience.

“Seeing public health in action at the clinic has been really special,” she said. “I look forward to doing more of these.”