Student Profile: Emily McKenna (Class of 2020)
Student Profile: Emily McKenna (Class of 2020)

Journalism w/ PR and minoring in Leadership and Communications 

Emily McKennaFreshman Leadership Program mentor, Kappa Kappa Gamma member, SLIC Front Desk Worker, Student Leadership Cabinet member, and CURAS Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow

I was excited to join Creighton because of the community. I knew that I would be attending a university that would help me achieve magis (more) in all aspects of my life. I would have classmates who would be encouraging me to really cultivate my passion during these critical college years. I would have professors who would know my name and help me discern my career path. I would have advisors in activities that would help me develop my leadership style, so I could truly be ready to lead in the real world. I knew as soon as I made my college decision I was joining a community that would help me grow.

I believe my experience in a living learning community and my research fellowship have been wonderful opportunities at Creighton. I was accepted into the Freshman Leadership Program. It gave me opportunities to network, develop myself and make connections with people on campus.

My research fellowship has pushed me to be a better student. CURAS (Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship) granted me this fellowship as a freshman. To be exposed to research so early in my collegiate career has been a dream. It has taught me research techniques about the magic of discovery as well as the rigor that I will use in the future.

What sets Creighton apart from other universities is how they make cultivating leadership development a priority. From the classroom to student activities, leadership skills are being formed within a Creighton student. I have had the privilege to pursue a leadership minor in the College of Arts and Sciences. In this minor, we study leadership theories as well as reflect and apply leadership in an Ignatian sense as well. Creighton has been such a wonderful place to grow as a leader because I get to lead in so many different ways. From my sorority to Creighton’s Freshman Leadership Program, all the skills I have learned in the classroom are being applied to these opportunities. Then new lessons are being learned as I serve in these leadership positions. Creighton doesn’t just produce leaders that manage successful ventures. Instead, it produces leaders with integrity and compassion, and who are social justice focused. It has been a blessing and a privilege to be molded as a leader in the Jesuit tradition. No other university could have molded me into a leader for men and women for others like Creighton has.

Creighton instills so many strengths within its students. The most meaningful strengths I have gained are compassion and leadership skills. Through my Jesuit education, I have learned to really love everyone around me. I think this skill of loving everyone around you helps contribute to this culture of kindness the world so desperately needs. The leadership opportunities have not only prepared me for the working world and have built my character as a person. I am so grateful Creighton has instilled these strengths in me.