Reznicek’s Work to Appear in Notable Publications
Reznicek’s Work to Appear in Notable Publications

Matthew Reznicek, PhDMatthew Reznicek, PhD, assistant professor of English in the College of Arts and Sciences, will have two articles appear in upcoming publications.

One of Reznicek’s articles will be published in a future issue of the New Hibernia Review, a quarterly Irish Studies journal.

“[The article] looks at Irish women writers and European opera, and essentially argues for an alternate understanding to nationalism and a more cosmopolitan and affective framework,” said Reznicek. “So it’s part of a much broader research agenda that all my research fits into in order to dislodge Irish Studies from the specific space of Ireland.”

Reznicek also was selected to write in a festschrift for Eamonn Hughes, a retired professor of English and Irish Studies at Queens University Belfast.

“It allows me to engage questions of social justice, of structural privilege, all my teaching and research interests in a book that honors someone who helped shape my academic career,” Reznicek said.

Both the New Hibernia Review article and his contribution to Hughes’ festschrift will be chapters in Reznicek’s upcoming second and third books respectively. His first book analyzed the relationship between Irish women writers from the 19th century and their perspectives of Europe, capitalism and modernity.

Reznicek has taught at Creighton for four years, with many of his classes focusing on 19th century British and Irish literature.