Philosophy Major Receives "Spirit of Creighton" Award
Philosophy Major Receives "Spirit of Creighton" Award

On May 14 at the spring commencement exercises, Brandon Warrington received the Spirit of Creighton Award. The award, one of which was also given to Doctor of Pharmacy graduate Tara Dammer, is conferred upon students who embody the spirit of Creighton’s founders.

Warrington, who is from Colorado Springs, Colorado, graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences with a Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy with a specialization in ethics. He was chapter president of Phi Sigma Tau philosophy honor society, assistant resident director of Kenefick Hall, on the Strike Force Academic Intervention Team to mentor student athletes and a special assistant in the College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s office.  

Warrington helped facilitate a welcoming residence life community. As a sophomore, he was moved from a desk assistant to be a resident advisor in Kiewit Hall, a position usually reserved for juniors and seniors. His supervisors praised him for his character, as he served as a role model for many students.  

He was passionate about philosophy, known for engaging in complex discussion as a sophomore in a class full of graduating seniors. Warrington’s knowledge of philosophy culminated with the acceptance of his paper, “Dignity, Disability, and Capability: Freedom and Disability through the Sesha example” at the Truman State University Philosophy and Religion Conference, one of the best-known and oldest undergraduate philosophy conferences in the nation. Having honed skills in logical reasoning, argumentation and conceptual analysis, Warrington will continue his education in law school.  

Awarded annually since 1955, the Spirit of Creighton Award honors undergraduate, graduate and professional students for their initiative, enterprise, academic achievement and outstanding character traits.