Inaugural Class Begins in New Engineering/Physics Dual Degree Program
Inaugural Class Begins in New Engineering/Physics Dual Degree Program

The Creighton University College of Arts and Sciences is excited to announce a new partnership with Washington University in St. Louis. The inaugural class in Creighton’s new Engineering/Physics 3-2 Dual Degree program with Washington University began this fall.

Through the program, students can earn a bachelor’s degree in physics from Creighton in three years and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Washington University in an additional two years. Students also have the option to pursue a third year at Washington University to earn a master’s degree in engineering.

This innovative program allows students to benefit from both a Jesuit, liberal arts education at Creighton and a technical education in engineering at Washington University in St. Louis.

In the first three years of the program, students study at Creighton, learning the fundamental concepts of physics; laboratory, data analysis and problem-solving skills; and how to effectively present the results of quantitative studies. In the following two years, students have an opportunity to apply that knowledge and skill in a range of engineering concentrations at Washington University.  

Graduates earn both a B.S. in Physics from Creighton and a B.S. in Engineering from Washington University. Interested students can request more information or apply online here.