Haddix Ignatian Advising Program
Haddix Ignatian Advising Program

Haddix Advising ProgramThe College of Arts and Sciences’ commitment to cura personalis (care for the whole person) is demonstrated in the classroom as well as through the personalized academic advising and mentoring provided to each student. The Haddix Ignatian Advising Program ensures that every student is accompanied by an experienced advisor at all stages of his or her academic journey. Infused with Creighton’s Jesuit, Catholic mission, the comprehensive, four-year guided experience offers unique programming and individual mentoring sessions, appropriate to each phase of the student’s experience. Students will actively and intentionally reflect on their path and discern how best to use their individual gifts and talents as they grow during their time at Creighton and beyond.

In the first year, students participate in a yearlong RSP (Ratio Studiorum Program) class, introducing the students into all dimensions of college life. Students engage with a faculty member who teaches the class and serves as the academic advisor. Together they develop a full academic and cocurricular plan, learn about various resources (EDGE, Career Center, CURAS, global opportunities, and how to create supportive peer and mentor relationships) and become familiar with Creighton’s Catholic and Jesuit mission.

In their second year, students continue one-on-one mentoring with their RSP advisors, and also participate in an online advising learning community. The online engagement guides students through five modules that align with common areas of growth for sophomores. Students will participate in campus events, individual reflection activities, as well as in a specially designed discernment retreat. Students will continue to chart their academic path, prepare to declare their major and minor fields of study, learn about professional and service opportunities, and enrich their engagement with Creighton’s mission and with issues of diversity and inclusion.

As students transition to their major studies in their third year, they will work with their major advisor and participate in an online, college-wide learning community that will continue to encourage academic growth and professional and personal discernment. In addition, departments will provide modules and activities specific to their disciplines to help build community in the major and better achieve departmental student outcomes goals.

As students prepare for their next steps beyond Creighton, they will be supported through their department and by the college program in their fourth year. They will continue to work with their major advisor and the departmental learning community. In addition, they will have the opportunity to join the PSR program (Professional Skills Revealed). Just as RSP helped to provide support as students transitioned into college, PSR will help with their transition to the next stage of their lives, through online learning and workshop activities. Topics will include practical matters (such as personal finance) as well as broader themes such as the importance of a liberal arts foundation and using Ignatian discernment principles in daily life.