‘COVID a Big Part of Our Lives’
‘COVID a Big Part of Our Lives’

Greta Purcell, a sophomore exercise science major from Omaha Skutt Catholic High School, was checking on patients in the post-vaccine recovery and observation area at the COVID-19 community clinic at Creighton’s Rasmussen Center when a spontaneous round of applause broke out among the just-vaccinated guests.

“Somebody started a round of applause for all the volunteers and the workers, which is really sweet,” Purcell said. “They’re very grateful, and they’re really impressed with our clinic. I’ve gotten a lot of comments that it’s very organized and they’re in and out in a timely manner.”

Jennifer Yee, BA’96, an instructor in exercise science and pre-health professions, who has volunteered every Saturday at the Creighton clinic and is Purcell’s faculty advisor, said many of her students have volunteered at the clinic, performing a variety of duties.

“It makes me proud, as a faculty member, to know that our students are willing to volunteer their time on a Saturday, and serve our community in this time of need,” Yee said.

Purcell said she was appreciative of the opportunity to give back, and to do something positive in light of all the challenges faced during the pandemic.

“COVID has been such a big part of our lives for the last year,” she said. “It’s cool to see the direct benefits of the vaccine, and the hope that this brings to a lot of people. It’s nice to be able to give back and be a part of the Creighton community.”

Purcell, who eventually looks to go into physical therapy, said the best part of her day was talking with the patients and hearing their stories. 

“Everyone is very easy to talk to, and they are very grateful to be here. It’s nice to walk around and see a lot of hope. You can see there’s a lot of relief.”