Social Sciences

Social Sciences Faculty and Administration

Communication Studies

Chair: cmcbride [at] creighton [dot] edu (M. Chad McBride), Ph.D., Professor


  • TinaBakehouse [at] creighton [dot] edu (Tina Bakehouse), Adjunct Instructor
  • RaymondBlanton [at] creighton [dot] edu (Raymond Blanton, Ph.D.), Resident Assistant Professor
  • MARTYBIRKHOLT [at] creighton [dot] edu (Marty J. Birkholt), Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • MARYANNDANIELSON [at] creighton [dot] edu (Mary Ann Danielson), Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Academic Excellence and Assessment
  • laurakeimig [at] creighton [dot] edu (Laura K. Gill), M.S., Adjunct Instructor
  • ajh15746 [at] creighton [dot] edu (Amanda Holman), Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • slj18246 [at] creighton [dot] edu (Sarah Jones), M.A., Resident Assistant Professor
  • ToniGodley [at] creighton [dot] edu (Fr. Kevin Kersten), S.J., Adjunct Faculty
  • ERIKAKIRBY [at] creighton [dot] edu (Erika L. Kirby), Ph.D., Professor
  • leighter [at] creighton [dot] edu (Jay L. Leighter), Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • GMcHendry [at] creighton [dot] edu (Guy McHendry), Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • JenRome [at] creighton [dot] edu (Jennifer Rome), M.A.
  • SamanthaSenda-Cook [at] creighton [dot] edu (Samantha Senda-Cook), Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • sherishu [at] creighton [dot] edu (Sherianne Shuler), Ph.D., Associate Professor

Program Manager: SandraDrummond [at] creighton [dot] edu (Sandra Drummond)

Political Science and International Relations

Chair: gpr [at] creighton [dot] edu (Graham P. Ramsden), Ph.D., Chair, Associate Professor


  • tclark [at] creighton [dot] edu (Terry D. Clark), Ph.D., Professor
  • crawford [at] creighton [dot] edu (Sue E. Crawford), Ph.D., Professor
  • scotthendrickson [at] creighton [dot] edu (Scott A. Hendrickson), Ph.D., J.D., Assistant Professor
  • maorongjiang [at] creighton [dot] edu (Maorong Jiang), Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • pmeeks [at] creighton [dot] edu (Philip J. Meeks), Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • ErikaMoreno [at] creighton [dot] edu (Erika Moreno), Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • RichardWitmer [at] creighton [dot] edu (Richard C. Witmer), Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • jwunsch [at] creighton [dot] edu (James S. Wunsch), Ph.D., Professor

Administrative Assistant:


Chair: mhuss [at] creighton [dot] edu (Matthew T. Huss), Ph.D., Professor


  • abadura [at] creighton [dot] edu (Amy Badura-Brack), Ph.D., Professor
  • jillbrown [at] creighton [dot] edu (Jill R. Brown), Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • budesh [at] creighton [dot] edu (T. Lee Budesheim), Ph.D., Associate Chair, Associate Professor
  • cherneyi [at] creighton [dot] edu (Isabelle D. Cherney), Ph.D., Professor
  • joshuafairchild [at] creighton [dot] edu (Joshua Fairchild), Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • lfinken [at] creighton [dot] edu (Laura L. Finken), Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • coreyguenther [at] creighton [dot] edu (Corey L. Guenther), Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • mhuss [at] creighton [dot] edu (Matthew T. Huss), Ph.D., Professor
  • mayakhanna [at] creighton [dot] edu (Maya M. Khanna), Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • aliciaklanecky [at] creighton [dot] edu (Alicia Klanecky), Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • GARYLEAK [at] creighton [dot] edu (Gary K. Leak), Ph.D., Professor
  • jvlupo [at] creighton [dot] edu (James V. Lupo), Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • sdebra7 [at] cox [dot] net (Debra Schwiesow), Adjunct Professor
  • dustinstairs [at] creighton [dot] edu (Dustin J. Stairs), Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • gwalker [at] creighton [dot] edu (Gene Walker), Adjunct Professor

Administrative Assistant: DebMarr [at] creighton [dot] edu (Deb Marr)

Cultural and Social Studies

Chair: LauraHeinemann [at] creighton [dot] edu (Laura L. Heinemann), M.A., MSW, Ph.D. – Associate Professor of Cultural and Social 


  • jt3 [at] creighton [dot] edu (James T. Ault III), M.A., Professor
  • rcb68135 [at] creighton [dot] edu (Roger C. Bergman), Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • SabrinaDanielsen [at] creighton [dot] edu (Sabrina Danielsen), Ph.D., Resident Assistant Professor
  • bjdilly [at] creighton [dot] edu (Barbara J. Dilly), Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • barbaraharris [at] creighton [dot] edu (Dianne Travers Gustafson), Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • BarbaraHarris [at] creighton [dot] edu (Barbara M. Harris), Ph.D., Associate Professor of Cultural and Social Studies
  • dawnirlbeck [at] creighton [dot] edu (Dawn M. Irlbeck), Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • rebeccamurray [at] creighton [dot] edu (Rebecca K. Murray), Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Roedlach [at] creighton [dot] edu (Alexander Roedlach), SVD, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • M [dot] RenzoRosales [at] creighton [dot] edu (Renzo Rosales), S.J., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • PamelaRunestad [at] creighton [dot] edu (Pamela Runestad, Ph.D.), Resident Assistant Professor
  • SUSANWALSH [at] creighton [dot] edu (Susan Walsh), RN, NSHA, Assistant Professor
  • MonicaWhite [at] creighton [dot] edu (Monica White), MSW, Assistant Professor
  • RyanWishart [at] creighton [dot] edu (Ryan Wishart), Ph.D., Assistant Professor
  • KristinFitzgerald2 [at] creighton [dot] edu (Kristin Fitzgerald), M.A., Instructor

Administrative Assistant: angelabatson [at] creighton [dot] edu (Angela Batson)