Britta I. McEwen, BA, PhD
Britta I. McEwen, BA, PhD

Britta I. McEwen, BA, PhD

Associate Professor
College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Appointments


  • History


  • Associate Professor

Publications and Presentations


  • “A Home for Mothers in Vienna: Community and Crisis,” in Jason Coy, Ben Marschke, Jared Poley, and Claudia Verhoeven, Kinship and Community: Society and Culture in European History., Berghahn Books, 2014
  • Sexual Knowledge: Feeling, Fact, and Social Reform in Vienna, 1900-1934., Berghahn Books, 2012
  • McEwen, B. Purity Redefined: Catholic Attitudes Towards Children's Sexual Education in Austria, 1920-1936, Sharing Sexual Knowledge: A Cultural History of Sex Education in Twentieth Century Europe, 161-175, 2008


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  • Manuscript Evaluation for “The K.’s,“, Journal of Austrian Studies, 2001


  • German Studies Association, San Diego, 2016 “Unmarried Mothers, Vormundschaft, and Viennese History in the fin-de-siècle”, 2016
  • European Studies Conference, Omaha, 2015 “Homes for Mothers in Vienna: Illegitimacy in the Early Twentieth Century”, 2015
  • Women’s History Month Kickoff, Creighton University, 2015 “Weaving Women’s Lives Together”, 2015
  • Faculty Fridays, Creighton University, 2014 “Sexual Knowledge”, 2014
  • German Studies Association Roundtable Participant, Kansas City, 2014: “Ego-Documents.”, 2014
  • German Studies Association, Denver, 2013 “Everyday Advice, Extraordinary Emotions: Constructions of Heterosexuality in 1920s Vienna”, 2013
  • German Studies Association, Milwaukee, 2012 “Everyday Love: Hugo Bettauer’s Viennese Advice Columns”, 2012
  • The Medicalization of Sex, Simon Frasier University, Vancouver BC, 2011 “Professionalizing the Personal: Eugenics and Sex Education in Interwar Vienna”, 2011
  • Modern Austrian Language and Culture Association, Pittsburgh, 2011 “Jewish Journalism? Hugo Bettauer as Advice Columnist”, 2011
  • Missouri Valley History Conference, Women in the Interwar Period (panel), Omaha, 2011 “’Reader, marry him!’ – Private Advice in the Public Sphere of Interwar Vienna”, 2011

Awards and Honors

  • Dietrich W. Botstiber Grant, Botsiber Institute for Austrian-American Studies, 2014
  • “Iggy” Award for Freshman mentoring, Creighton University, 2013
  • Faculty Teaching Fellowship, Creighton University, 2013
  • “Iggy” Award for Freshman mentoring, Creighton University, 2012