Scott B. Eastman, BA, PhD
Scott B. Eastman, BA, PhD

Scott B. Eastman, BA, PhD

College of Arts and Sciences


  • Spain, Atlantic History

Academic Appointments


  • History


  • Professor


A more complete listing of scholarship, teaching, and research interests can be found on my Curriculum Vitae.

Publications and Presentations


  • The Rise of Constitutional Government in the Iberian Atlantic World: The Impact of the Cádiz Constitution of 1812, University of Alabama Press, 2015
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  • Eastman, S. B. Regionalism and national identity during the War of Idependence in New Spain, Tiempos de America. Revista de Historia, Cultura y Territorio, 2005, 153-166, 2005

Editing and Reviews

  • Eastman, Scott Bicentenarios de libertad: La fragua de la política en España y las Américas, Hispanic American Historical Review, 93, 504-505, 2013
  • Eastman, Scott Propaganda e información en tiempos de guerra: España y América (1700-1714), Hispanic Review, 79, 661-664, 2011


  • “The 1812 Generation: Constitutional Praxis across the Hispanic Atlantic World.” Atlantic History Workshop, New York University., 2012
  • “‘The Wisdom of Two Worlds’: The Celestial Constitution of 1812.” Scales of Cádiz: Spain’s 1812 Constitution in Local, Imperial and Atlantic Contexts. John Carter Brown Library, Providence., 2012

Research and Scholarship

Grant Funding Received

  • Hispanex Program, Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sport (Spain)
  • Course Development Grant, Global Perspectives for Magis Core, Creighton University
  • Mellon LASA Seminars Initiative, ($20,000), Co-organizer
  • Program for Cultural Cooperation, University of Minnesota
  • Mexico City, Seville, Madrid. Sabbatical research funded by Creighton University
  • Madrid, Spain. Supported by funds from Academic Affairs, Creighton University
  • Madrid, Spain. Program for Cultural Cooperation, University of Minnesota

Awards and Honors

  • Mary Lucretia and Sarah Emily Creighton award, Creighton University College of ARts and Sciences, 2015
  • Ignatian Award, Creighton University, 2011
  • Faculty Development Award, 2005