Rebecca E. Gasper, MS, PhD
Rebecca E. Gasper, MS, PhD

Rebecca E. Gasper, MS, PhD

Assistant Professor
College of Arts and Sciences


  • Mathematical Biology

Academic Appointments


  • Mathematics


  • Assistant Professor


Dr. Gasper has 13 years of college teaching experience and is a published researcher in Mathematical Biology. In her Ph.D. dissertation, "Action potentials in the peripheral auditory nervous system : a novel PDE distribution model," she described a method to show how a normally distributed set of deaf patients might react to stimulation from a Cochlear Implant, including all stochastic (random) effects. Today she follows student interests through the scope of mathematics and biology, often supervising two "laboratories" of student researchers each semester and teaching courses geared toward medical and biological applications. She has active research in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.

Publications and Presentations


  • Stochastic Gating in a Peripheral Auditory Neuron: Effects on Post Stimulus Time and Firing Efficiency of Action Potentials. Joint Mathematics Meetings, Seattle WA, January 9, 2016., 2016
  • New Results in Population Models in Auditory Neurology. Midwest Auditory Research Conference (MARC-MANS), Omaha NE, July 24, 2015., 2015
  • Mathematical models of action potentials in the auditory nerve fiber. Neuroscience Journal Club, Creighton University, January 27, 2015., 2015
  • Action potentials in peripheral auditory nervous system: A novel PDE distribution model. Joint Mathematics Meetings, Baltimore MD, January 16, 2014., 2014
  • All my circuits. Math and Computer Science Colloquium, Goucher College (MD), November 20, 2013., 2013
  • Can you hear me now?, or, A mathematician's journey to get people in other disciplines to listen. Math Colloquium, Truman State University (MO), April 17, 2013., 2013
  • Auditory midbrain implant: A review (H.H. Lim, M. Menarz, T. Menarz). Math Biology Lunch, University of Iowa, April 6, 2012., 2012
  • Excitation in the auditory system: A novel PDE model. Comprehensive Exam, Panel: (Mathemat- ics) Colleen Mitchell, Bruce Ayati, Tong Li, Rodica Curtu, (Biology) Alan Kay, (Hearing Science) Paul Abbas, University of Iowa, February 24, 2011., 2011

Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Interests

  • Mathematical Biology, ODEs, PDEs, Stochastic Differential Equations, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Current Research Projects

  • Electrophysiology in the Auditory Nervous System, Circulatory System and Blood Loss, Systems Ecology, Cardiac Stress from Obesity, Numerical Methods for PDEs, Assessment in Data Science, Assessment in College Mathematics

Awards and Honors

  • IGGY Award, Office of Retention, Creighton University, 2015