Jeffrey P. Hause, PhD
Jeffrey P. Hause, PhD

Jeffrey P. Hause, PhD

Program Director,
College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Appointments


  • Fine & Performing Arts


  • Professor

Secondary Appointment

  • Philosophy

Publications and Presentations


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  • Aquinas’s Disputed Questions onVirtue (translation by Jeffrey Hause and Claudia Eisen Murphy, introduction and philosophical commentary by Jeffrey Hause), Indianapolis, Hackett, 426, 2010
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Editing and Reviews

  • Review of David Decosimo, Ethics as a Work of Charity, in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (54536-ethics-as-a-work-of-charity-thomas-aquinas-and-pagan-virtue,, Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, 2014
  • McGuire, Mara, Hause, Jeffrey Mind, Brain, and Free Will, Review of Metaphysics, 67, 670-672, 2014
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  • Debates in Medieval Philosophy edited by Jeffrey Hause, Routledge, 2014
  • Hause, Jeffrey Review of Anthony Kenny, From Empedocles to Wittgenstein, Mind, 2010

Awards and Honors

  • Nebraska Professor of the Year, CASE/Carnegie Foundation, 2015
  • Award for Teaching, College of Arts and Sciences , 2014
  • College of Arts and Sciences Award for Freshman/Sophomore Advising, College of Arts and Sciences, 2008
  • Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Award for Teaching Achievement, Creighton Students Union, 2006