Julia A. Fleming, MA, PhD
Julia A. Fleming, MA, PhD

Julia A. Fleming, MA, PhD

Chair, Chair of Theology Department
College of Arts and Sciences


  • Comprehensive Doctoral Exams: Moral Theology, Patristic Theology

Academic Appointments


  • Theology


  • Professor

Teaching Activity

  • introduction to theology
  • social ethics
  • theological ethics


Dr. Julia Fleming's research focuses on the history of moral theology, especially during the Early Modern Period.  She has also published works on applied questions in social ethics, such as capital punishment, hate speech, deception, and state-sponsored lotteries.  Dr. Fleming is a past member of the editorial board of Theological Studies.
Dr. Fleming is the current Chair of the Department of Theology, after serving as Associate Chair from 2006-2011.  She regularly offers courses in Christian Ethics and helps to introduce freshmen to the Christian theological heritage.

Publications and Presentations


  • Legitimate Punishments? Transitions in Roman Catholic Teaching on Warfare, Slavery, Mutillation, and the Death Penalty.  , 2018
  • "Three Lessons from St. Alphonsus Liguori's Analysis of Restitution.", 2018
  • Fleming, J. The Analysis of Actions with Double Effects in Caramuel's Theologia Praeterintentionalis., Un'altra modernita. Juan Caramuel Lobkowitz (1606-1682) tra enciclopedia e probabilismo, 207-222, 2012
  • Fleming, Julia Legend of St. Agnes [translation], A Companion to Clare of Assis: Life, Writings and Spirituality, 316-8, 2010
  • Fleming, Julia Preface, Il Tractatus expendens propositiones damnatas ab Alexander VII di Juan Caramuel Lobkowitz: Studio introduttivo ed edizione critica, 2010
  • Defending Probablism: The Moral Theology of Juan Caramuel., Georgetown University Press, 2006


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  • Fleming, Julia When 'Meats are Like Medicines': Vitoria and Lessius on the Role of Food in the Duty to Preserve Life, Theological Studies, 69, 99-115, 2008

Editing and Reviews

  • Review of Uncertainty in Post-Reformation Catholicism: A History of Probabilism by Stefania Tutino, Oxford University Press, 2018. , Catholic Historical Review, 2018
  • Review of Tolerance Among the Virtues, by John R. Bowlin. , 78, 785-86. , 2017
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  • Review of The Edge of Words: God and the Habits of Language by Rowan Williams., Theological Studies, 76, 892, 2015
  • Fleming, Julia The Moral Dynamics of Economic Life: An Extension and Critique of Caritas in veritate [Review], Journal of Church & State, 55, 144-146, 2013
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  • Fleming, Julia. Star Trek and sacred ground: explorations of Star trek, religion and American culture., Journal of Religion & Society, 2, 2000


  • One of six speakers regarding the Ignatian Pilgrimage sponsored by the Division of Mission and Ministry. , 2018
  • “Reforming Our Response to Crime: Recent Papal Contributions.”  Kripke Symposium on Religion and Reform., 2018
  • “Three Lessons from Saint Alphonsus Liguori’s Analysis of Restitution.”  Social Reconciliation Symposium, Creighton University.  , 2017
  • "The Death Penalty and Roman Catholic Teaching." St. Wenceslaus Church, Omaha, Nebraska., 2016
  • Presentation to OTOC meeting regarding death penalty research., 2016
  • "Roman Catholic Teaching on the Death Penalty: Actual Exercise Versus Hypothetical Exercise." Kripke Center Symposium on Religion and Politics., 2016
  • Response to Natalia Imperatori Lee, as part of Creighton's Commemoration of Vatican II: The Church Serves the World: Gaudium et Spes and Dignitatis Humanae., 2015
  • “The Heresy of the Ancestors: A Case Study in Religion and Identity in Early Modern Catholicism.” Kripke Center Symposium on Religion and Identity, 2015
  • “The Intimacy of Casuistry.” Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics, January, 2014., 2014
  • Presentation for the Catechumenate class at St. John's Church, 2013
  • “Animating Core, Animating Mission: The Role of Departments of Theology and Religious Studies.” Presented at the March meeting of the ACJU Chairs of Departments of Theology and Religious Studies, Regis University, 2012
  • Presentation for the Catechumen class at St, John's Church, 2012
  • “Response to Ryan Dulkin.” Presented by invitation of the Society of Jewish Ethics, at their annual meeting in conjunction with the Society of Christian Ethics,, 2012
  • Presentation for the Center for Health Policy and Ethics. “The Training of the Virtuous Physician at a Catholic University: the Contribution of Creighton’s Father Charles Coppens, S.J.”, 2011
  • Presentation on Laborem Exercens for the faculty/staff seminar on Catholic Social Teaching., 2011
  • “‘But What Good Are These For So Many?’ Unnatural Disasters, Compassion Paralysis, and Christian Ethical Imagination.", 2011
  • “The Ethics of Therapeutic Abortion and An American Catholic Medical School: Charles Coppens, S.J. and the Creighton Medical School.” Presentation for the Kripke Center Symposium on Religion, Health, and Healing,, 2010

Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Interests

  • History of Moral Theology Roman Catholic Social Ethics

Current Research Projects

  • Roman Catholic Teaching and the Death Penalty Punitive Justice in Roman Catholic Social Thought Development of Early Modern Moral Theology

Grant Funding Received

  • I received a $300.00 grant from the College to develop a new course for the Christian Tradition component of the Magis Core. Because my expenses were low, I did not draw on the money from the College.