Gail S. Risch
Gail S. Risch

Gail S. Risch

College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Appointments


  • Theology


  • Instructor

Publications and Presentations


  • Simkins, R. A. Competing Portraits of the Israelite Family., Religion and the Family, 46-67, 2008
  • Simkins, R. A., Risch, G. S. Introduction, Religion and the Family, ix-xix, 2008


  • Hamm, D., Risch, G. Faithful Citizenship: Principles and Strategies to Serve the Common Good, Journal of Religion & Society, 2008
  • Risch, G. S., Riley, L. A., Lawler, M. G. Problematic issues in the early years of marriage: Content for premarital education, Journal of Psychology and Theology, 31, 253-269, 2003