Elizabeth F. Cooke, PhD
Elizabeth F. Cooke, PhD

Elizabeth F. Cooke, PhD

College of Arts and Sciences


  • Pragmatism, Philosophy of Science, American Philosophy

Academic Appointments


  • Philosophy


  • Professor

Publications and Presentations


  • Peirce's Pragmatic Theory of Inquiry: Fallibilism and Indeterminacy, Bloomsbury, 2007


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  • “Science, Religion and Conflict: A Pragmatist Perspective,”Kripke Center, Symposium on Religion and the Sciences, Creighton University, 2014
  • “Peirce on Wonder, Inquiry, and the Semiotic Ubiquity of Surprise” (read in China on behalf of the author, Elizabeth Cooke), at the conference for the World Association for Theoretical Semiotics (WATS), 2012 Symposium, Nanjing Normal University, China, Major Theme: “Recent Results in Theoretical Semiotics.”, 2012