Carin Appleget
Carin Appleget

Carin Appleget

Assistant Professor
College of Arts and Sciences


  • Literacy in Elementary Education
  • Preservice Teacher Education

Academic Appointments


  • Education


  • Assistant Professor

Teaching Activity

  • EDU 170 Diversity and Justice - Education
  • EDU 565 Methods of Teaching Language Arts in the Elementary Classroom
  • EDU 566 Methods of Teaching Reading in the Elementary Classroom


Carin has been in the field of teaching for over twenty years. She began in the elementary classroom has loved the people, experiences, and opportunities teaching has brought into her life through the years. She and her husband, Andrew, live in Lincoln and have eight children (2 girls, 6 boys). When they are not sitting in the bleachers cheering for one of their children, they enjoy walking, going to movies, and spending time with extended family.

Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Interests

  • Literacy in Elementary Education
    Preservice Teacher Education
    Preservice Teachers of Color
    Culturally Proactive Pedagogy 
    Techology Integration in Education 
    Critical Whiteness Studies 

Current Research Projects

  • Publications: 
    Chrystine Mitchell, Laurie Friedrich & Carin Appleget (2018) Preservice teachers’ blogging: collaboration across universities for meaningful technology integration, Teaching Education, DOI: 10.1080/10476210.2018.1486815 

    Conference Papers and Presentations: 
    Mitchell, C. & Appleget, C. (2018)The New Face of Literature Circles: Digital Collaboration Between Preservice Teachers at Two Universities. Literacy Research Association Annual Conference. November 2018.

    McVerry, G., Myers, J., Shimek, C., Appleget, C., & Hogue, B. (2018) Exploring Culturally Proactive Pedagogies in Elementary Literacy Methods Courses. Literacy Research Association Annual Conference. November 2018. 

    Mitchell, C., Friedrich, L., Appleget, C. (2017) Preservice teachers collaborate across universities for meaningful technology integration. Literacy Research Association Annual Conference. December 2016.
    Friedrich, L., Mitchell, C., & Appleget, C. (2016) Try-blogging with Pre-service Teachers. Research presented at American Reading Forum conference. December 2016.
    Appleget, C. (2016) Try-blogging with elementary students. Tech Edge Conference UNL: Fall 2016
    Appleget, C. (2016) Using Padlet in the Classroom. Tech Edge Conference UNL: Spring 2016