Aimee D. Schwab-McCoy, PhD
Aimee D. Schwab-McCoy, PhD

Aimee D. Schwab-McCoy, PhD

Assistant Professor
College of Arts and Sciences


  • Statistics, data science, statistics education, spatial modeling

Academic Appointments


  • Mathematics


  • Assistant Professor

Teaching Activity

  • MTH 205, MTH 245, MTH 360, MTH 361, MTH 365, MTH 561, MTH 562


Aimee Schwab-McCoy earned her PhD in Statistics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2015. Before coming to Creighton in 2017, she was an Assistant Professor of Statistics at Xavier University.

Dr. Schwab-McCoy’s research interests lie in statistics education (faculty preparation to teach statistics and biostatistics, student misconceptions in specialized statistics courses, developing meaningful assessment strategies for data science) and spatial statistical modeling and model testing. Her previous work in spatial statistics involved developing and testing a frequentist model for prediction and parameter estimation of beta-binomial spatial data.

Dr. Schwab-McCoy is also an active statistical consultant, with partnerships in the Creighton Medical School and Department of Biology in the College of Arts and Sciences, as well as the College of Nursing at the University of San Francisco.

In addition to her research, Dr. Schwab-McCoy is the primary faculty advisor for the Data Science Minor.

Publications and Presentations


  • Citation: Jones, R., Tocchini, K., Kaddoura, M., Schwab-McCoy, A., & M. Hansen. (2018). “The incidence of nursing students’ perceived stress and burnout levels at a private university in California.” Journal of Nursing Education and Practice. Vol 8:10. 
    • I completed the statistical analysis of a survey of stress levels and management techniques for a group of nursing students. As co-author, I wrote the analysis and results section of this paper. I also produced the figures and tables for the paper.
    , Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 8:10, 138-151, 2018
  • Citation: Schwab-McCoy, A. (2017). “Life on an Island: Using Peer Consulting in Applied Statistics Courses”. CHANCE: Vol. 30, Special Issue on Climate Change, pp. 67-72.
    • I was invited to write a column for CHANCE, a magazine is designed for anyone who has an interest in using data to advance science, education, and society. CHANCE is a non-technical magazine highlighting applications that demonstrate sound statistical practice. CHANCE represents a cultural record of an evolving field, intended to entertain as well as inform.
    , CHANCE, 30, 67-72, 2017
  • Citation: Kolovos, A., Smith, L. M., Schwab-McCoy, A., Gengler, S., & H.-L. Yu. (2016). “Emerging Patterns in Multi-Sourced Data Modeling Uncertainty”. Spatial Statistics: Special Issue on Emerging Patterns: Vol. 18, pp. 300-317., Spatial Statistics, 18, 300-317, 2016
  • Citation: Schwab, A. and D. B. Marx. (2015). “Beta-Binomial Kriging: An Improved Model for Spatial Rates”. Procedia Environmental Sciences: Vol. 27, pp. 30-37., Procedia Environmental Sciences, 27, 30-37, 2015
  • Citation: Schwab-McCoy, A. (2018). “Statistics Education in Client Disciplines Across the University: A Systematic Review.” In review at Journal of Statistics Education.
     , Journal of Statistics Education
  • Citation: Schwab-McCoy, A. (2018). “Bringing Mainstream Media into the Quantitative Literacy Classroom”. Shifting Contexts, Stable Core: Advancing Quantitative Literacy in Higher Education. Washington, D.C.: Mathematical Association of America.
    • Invited book chapter.
    , Mathematical Association of America (MAA) Notes


  • Citation: Schwab-McCoy, A. (2016). “Developing a First-Year Seminar Course in Statistics and Data Science”. Statistics Education Research Journal: Promoting Understanding of Statistics About Society.
    • Conference proceedings from IASE (International Association for Statistics Education) meetings are peer-reviewed.
    , Statistics Education Research Journal, Special Issue: Promoting Understanding of Statistics About Society, 2016
  • Citation: Bhoir, S., Schwab, A., Esmaeili, B., & P. Goodrum. (2015). “A Decision-making Algorithm for Selecting Building Information Modeling Functions”. Proceedings of the International Construction Specialty Conference (ICSC), Vancouver, June 8-10, 2015., Proceedings of the International Construction Specialty Conference (ICSC)


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  • *Schwab-McCoy, Aimee, Ming-Wen An Wissman, and Adam Molnar. “Data-Focused Activities and Lessons in Seminar-Style Introductory Courses” (May 2017). US Conference on Teaching Statistics, State College, PA., 2017

Research and Scholarship

Current Research Projects

  • Statistics education: student conceptions of statistical inference in biostatistics; challenges for non-statistics faculty teaching statistics courses; developing intuition for probability in mathematical statistics
    Spatial statistics: extending subsemble estimation techniques for multivariate spatial data
    Statistical consulting: analyzing high-dimensional case-control studies of bone density in low-risk trauma patients; developing models for colony collapse disorder in honeybees; testing interventions for stress management in nursing students

Grant Funding Received

  • 2018 Haddix Interdisciplinary Project Grant: “Honey Bees in Peril: An investigation of honey bee viral infection dynamics and modelling-implications for Colony Collapse Disorder”
  • 2018 Creighton Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Grant: “Exploring Student Understanding and Misconceptions of Statistical Inference in Undergraduate Biostatistics”