Daniel R. DiLeo, PhD
Daniel R. DiLeo, PhD

Daniel R. DiLeo, PhD

Associate Professor
College of Arts and Sciences


  • Catholic social teaching
  • Climate change ethics
  • Laudato Si'
  • Public theology
  • Faith-based sociopolitical action

Academic Appointments


  • Cultural and Social Studies


  • Associate Professor


Daniel R. DiLeo is an assistant professor, Catholic theological ethicist, and director of the Justice and Peace Studies Program. His teaching, research, and scholarship focus on Catholic social teaching, public theology, and climate change. Since 2009, he has been a consultant with Catholic Climate Covenant of which the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is a founding member. Dr. DiLeo earned his PhD in theological ethics with a minor in systematic theology from Boston College, his MTS with a concentration in moral theology from the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry, and his BA in sociology (magna cum laude) with a minor in inequality studies from Cornell University.

Publications and Presentations


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Editing and Reviews

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Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Interests

  • Dr. DiLeo’s research and scholarship focus on Catholic social teaching and climate change with particular focus on Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato Si’.

Current Research Projects

  • Dr. DiLeo's current research explores the reception of Laudato Si', especially among the U.S. Catholic bishops. He is also conducting research on the history of papal environmental teaching.

Grant Funding Received

  • “The Duty to Teach: U.S. Bishops, Laudato Si’, and Catholic Social Teaching”
  • “Climate Change and Laudato Si’: A Study of U.S. Catholic Bishops, Priests, and Parishes”
  • “The Social Mission of the Catholic Church”
  • “The Duty to Teach: U.S. Bishops, Laudato Si’, and Catholic Social Teaching”
  • “Laudato Si’ in the United States: Constructing a Public Theology”