Ronald D. Fussell, EdD
Ronald D. Fussell, EdD

Ronald D. Fussell, EdD

Assistant Professor
College of Arts and Sciences

Academic Appointments


  • Education


  • Assistant Professor


A native of New Hampshire, Dr. Fussell has enjoyed a successful career as an educator and leader in both public and Catholic schools. Prior to joining the Education Department faculty at Creighton, Dr. Fussell was the Associate Superintendent of Schools for the Diocese of Manchester (NH), where he led innovative efforts to improve diocesan curricula, leadership development, teacher and principal evaluation, and Catholic school identity in service to 26 schools and nearly 6000 Catholic school students in the State of New Hampshire.

Currently, Dr. Fussell is a core faculty member in Creighton's innovative educational leadership programs.  Dr. Fussell teaches courses for aspiring Catholic school leaders, and he directs the Graduate Certificate in Catholic School Leadership.

A passionate advocate for Catholic education, Dr. Fussell is honored to have a national voice regarding important topics such as lay Catholic educator faith formation, Catholic school identity, and Catholic school leadership development. Dr. Fussell is a frequent presenter at local and national conferences for Catholic education and he is available for professional development for Catholic schools and dioceses seeking to strengthen Catholic school identity across all aspects of school life.

Publications and Presentations


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Research and Scholarship

Research and Scholarship Interests

  • Catholic School Leadership, Catholic School Mission and Identity, Lay Educator Faith Formation, Teacher Professional Development

Current Research Projects

  • Engel, M. T., Fussell, R., Simonds, T. A., Brock, B. L., & Cook, T. J. (2019). Your Catholic school’s identity: Name it, claim it, and build on it. Book accepted for publication by the National Catholic Educational Association.

    Fussell, R. (2018). Feed my sheep: A framework for lay educator faith formation in Catholic schools. Journal of Catholic Education.

    Simonds, T. A., Cook, T. J., Engel, M. T., Fussell, R., & Hearn, J. (2019). Preparing pastors to be leaders of parish schools. Journal of Catholic Education.

Awards and Honors

  • Outstanding Dissertation Award, Creighton University, 2016
  • School Administrator of the Year, New Hampshire Music Educators Association, 2014