College of Arts & Sciences COVID-19 online learning resources

online learning information and resources for students.

While we closely monitor the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, we want you to know that we are committed to helping ease the transition as much as possible.  There are many resources for you to help with this transition.

For general information regarding Creighton’s response to this crisis, please visit the Creighton University COVID-19 Website.

As we make the transition of courses to an online format, there are some particular questions you might have:

How do I contact the EDGE for Help?

Academic Success is prepared to provide academic coaching and tutoring in an online environment. Our goal is to maintain the same level of high-quality support and accessibility of services that students have come to expect from Academic Success. The process for accessing tutoring and academic coaching services is not much different than what students are accustomed to and is outlined (and updated regularly) at

  • Academic Coaches will continue to meet 1:1 with students via Zoom. Students should use CreightonConnect to schedule appointments as usual, then use the link provided in the confirmation email to log in to the meeting at the appropriate time. Step-by-step instructions are available at under Academic Coaching. Phone appointments are available by request.
  • Tutoring will be moving all services online via Zoom beginning Monday, March 23rd. As always, students can make 1:1 appointments and find group tutoring information and schedules at
    1. 1:1 Tutoring: Students should continue to schedule appointments for 1:1 tutoring through BluePoint. Once the appointment is made, the tutor will send a follow-up email to the student with a link to join the Zoom session. Detailed instructions will be available at Students and tutors are encouraged to use the Zoom whiteboard feature or screen-share if needed.
    2. Drop-in BIO/CHM/MTH/PHY Tutoring: Links to drop-in sessions will be available at under Tutoring/Drop-In Tutoring schedule. Students should find a tutor who covers their course and click the tutor’s name, which will open the link to the tutor’s Zoom session. Drop-in tutors will spend approximately 10-15 minutes with each student (as usual) before moving to the next student in the waiting room. Wait times may vary, but we will do our best to keep things moving! Students and tutors are encouraged to use the Zoom whiteboard feature or screen-share to keep sessions collaborative.
    3. Attached Tutoring: Links to attached tutoring sessions will be available at under Tutoring/Attached Tutoring. Attached tutoring sessions will continue in a group format, with multiple students logged in at the same time for q&a. Tutors may answer questions individually or choose to review information with the whole group via the whiteboard feature or screen-sharing in Zoom.
    4. Supplemental Instruction: Links to supplemental instruction sessions will be available at under Tutoring/Supplemental Instruction. Supplemental Instruction Leaders will continue to provide a content review and practice/study materials along with a q&a portion at the end of each session. Tutors may answer questions individually or choose to review information with the whole group via the whiteboard feature or screen-sharing in Zoom.
  • Multiple academic support resources are also available at Academic Tips and Tools. These include tips and strategies for success in online classes, weekly planners and tools for time management, suggestions on managing academic anxiety, and exam wrappers.


Switching to an all-online format will likely bring some challenges, but your friends in Academic Success are here to help make the transition as smooth as possible. Please reach out to an academic coach or send an email to edge [at] creighton [dot] edu if you have any questions or concerns.

How do I contact the writing center?

The Writing Center will offer writing help online. As always the Writing Center is appointment based according to what time the student chooses among options at the bluepoint site available via

Students will email the paper to the tutor, and will discuss it via phone following this. Opening hours are generous and should be accessible except for in very remote time zones.

How do I make an appointment with the communications center?

  • Log in BluePoint/BlueTutor with your NETID 
  • Go to Communication Center and click “Make an appointment”
  • Select the desired service (Delivery Assistance, Group Practice, etc.)
  • Click the magnifying glass to bring up your classes, and then select your course.
  • Click “Search by Staff”
  • Pick your desired tutor, pick a time slot, and then “Save”

You will get a confirmation email to mark in your schedule and your tutor will send. All Communication Center sessions for the Spring 2020 semester will occur using Zoom. Please turn your camera and sound on to fully participate in tutoring sessions.

Information on Pass/No Pass Option

Things to consider before applying for P/NP status:

  • You must earn a C or better in order to get a P.  Grades of C-, D, and F will result in a NP.
  • If you earn a NP in a required course or Magis component, you will have to re-take the course or repeat the component.
  • Neither the P nor the NP will affect your GPA, but an NP will affect your progress towards completion (completion percentage) and, therefore, may have financial aid implications.
  • Once the P/NP option has been requested by a student and approved by the student’s Dean’s Office, it cannot be retracted.
  • If you request a P/NP in a course required for your major program, that request must be approved by your program director
  • If your tuition is being paid by an employer, by the military (including ROTC) or by a government (in the case of international students) you should check with your funding source (employer, military, government, etc.) to ensure that they will accept grades of P/NP.
  • The course instructor will not know if you opt for P/NP (unless you inform the instructor).
  • Your eligibility for Dean’s List may be affected if you opt for P/NP.
  • Professional and/or Graduate schools may not look favorably on P/NP grades, particularly in required or recommended course work for admission to those schools.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Why might I consider taking a class P/NP?
A:There are many reasons why P/NP may be a good option, including

  • I was doing well before we went online but I have not done as well in the online environment and I do not think that my grade will accurately reflect my grasp of the material.
  • I was doing well before we went online but I have had increased responsibilities at home and have not been able to devote as much time the course as I would have if we were still on campus.
  • I am not doing well in the course and may earn an F; with an NP grade, I will not receive credit for the course but it will not harm my GPA, either.


Q:Why might I choose NOT to request to take a course P/NP?
A: There are many reasons, including:

  • I am comfortable with the letter grade that I anticipate receiving.
  • I may receive a C- or D but this is a required course for my major or Magis Core and I do not want to (or do not have time to) retake the course. 
  • The course is required for admission to the professional school or for licensing or certification in the profession for which I am preparing.

Q:Do I need to decide NOW?
A:No, the application needs to be submitted by May 1, 2020.

Q:Who can I (should I) talk with to decide if this is the correct move for me?
A:You should reach out to your academic advisor.
  There are also people in the CAS Dean’s office who would be happy to talk with you (contact Gerry Kuhlman, gkuhlman [at] creighton [dot] edu).  Also, the pre-professional advisors in the EDGE are a great resource, and they have prepared a document with guidance specific to pre-health students.  If you are considering P/NP for courses in your major, make sure to reach out to the Department Chair or program director.  If you decide to apply for the P/NP grading option in any of your courses, you will need to indicate on the application form the names of those with whom you have consulted. 

Q: What happens after I apply?

A:When you submit the form, it will be transmitted your College Dean’s office for review.  If the request is approved by the Dean’s office, it will be forwarded to the Registrar’s office with a copy sent to you for your records.  If there are questions or your Dean’s office requires more information you will be contacted via e-mail or phone. 

Other Advising Considerations

If a you are experiencing issues related to the Coronavirus pandemic, or you are concerned about your academic progress, please contact your instructors, your academic advisor, or program director to discuss all potential options, including a (1)  temporary withdrawal  from the University or (2) course withdrawal from one or more courses. 

You should be aware of the University’s Refund Policy 

If you are doing very poorly and are not able to complete your courses successfully due to your stress, a withdrawal or temp withdrawal may be the best option over a Pass/No Pass option. If this is your situation, please contact your advisor or Asst. Dean Lisa Brockhoff (LisaBrockhoff [at] creighton [dot] edu).

Need help with online instruction?

The TLC has opened a non-credit BlueLine 101 for Students course, which is designed to provide BlueLine and technology information to help students acclimate and become familiar with our LMS. Students can enroll by going to this registration link


What if I have problems with internet?

If you have problems with connectivity or other technical difficulties, it is important to let your instructor know right away. You should also contact Information Technology at 402.280.1111. They are continuing to staff this number. For more information/tips on staying connected, please visit the DoIT website.


What if my faculty member is not responsive? Who should I contact?

In the event that you are unable to contact your faculty member or feel as though your faculty member has not transitioned to an online delivery method, please contact the Chair of the Department where the course is being taught (You can find a list of CCAS departments here).  If your issue is still not resolved please contact AmyWendling [at] creighton [dot] edu (Associate Dean Amy Wendling) at AmyWendling [at] creighton [dot] edu.