Haddix Ignatian Advising Program

Haddix Ignatian Advising Program for Sophomores

Complete the Haddix Ignatian Advising program this spring, and earn a $100 book stipend* at the bookstore and a certificate of completion to add to your resume!

Sophomores, check your email for more information on how to sign up, and please attend the following:

Spring 2018 Events

Program Introduction and Kickofflightbulb

January 18, 2018 | 6–8:30 p.m.

Learn about the program, listen to keynote speaker Joe Simmons, SJ, and hear from representatives with the EDGE, Career Center, Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURAS), Global Engagement Office (GEO) and more. And eat ice cream sundaes!

Ignatian Half-Day RetreatCross

Participate in a three-hour mini-retreat led by a Jesuit. Multiple times and dates will be available to fit all schedules. Students must participate with their RSP advisor and RSP cohort.

Career Discernment Activityperson silhouette

Explore your possible career through one of four options:

  • attend an Unlimited Opportunities panel
  • conduct an informational interview with a Creighton graduate or professional in your field
  • reflect upon your current internship, or
  • participate in an exciting site visit to local organizations.

Students will write a short reflection regarding their experience to share with their advisor.

Check-in Session with RSP AdvisorTalking bubbles

Schedule a one-on-one mentoring session with your RSP advisor during the spring 2018 semester to discuss current goals and strategies to accomplish those goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already declared my major—can/should I still participate?

Yes! Even if you have declared your major and have a major-specific advisor, we still encourage you to participate to further explore your career plans and your newly declared major.

Is it required that I participate?

No, for Spring 2018, it is not required, although we hope you will take the opportunity to participate, as the program will provide many benefits.

When will I receive the book stipend?

Book stipends will be available at the end of the 2018 spring semester.

What if other students in my RSP are not participating?

That’s OK! Some students may choose not to participate, but you’ll be glad you did.

According to my credit hours I have junior status—can/should I still participate?

Yes! The program is designed for the second-year student regardless of the number of credits.

Can/should I participate if I am pre-health?

Yes! In addition to being part of the Learning Communities for pre-health students, the Haddix Ignatian Advising Program will provide additional personal, academic, and career opportunities. The individualized support and hands-on nature of the program will help you build a solid application to your professional school of interest.

Can I participate if I am currently studying abroad?

No, Unfortunately, being on campus to participate in these different activities is a key component of the program. We do however encourage you to reflect on your study abroad experience and think about all of the different ways it has impacted you and your potential future career.

I am already part of Honors/Dean’s Fellows/EDGE Scholars/Learning Communities–is this program for me?

Yes! The Haddix Ignatian Advising Program will provide additional personal, academic and career opportunities. 

Why should I participate?

We find that sophomore students experience many transitions and have questions about their future. Participating in the Haddix Ignatian Advising Program will provide structure and support while you continue to discern your academic and career interests. It will also introduce you to networking and help you with your professional development. And there is a book stipend!

Will I be required to attend an RSP class?

You will not have to attend an RSP class, but we do ask that you meet with your advisor at least once during the semester.

Will I get course credit for the program?

No, this is not for credit. Upon completion you will receive the book stipend and certificate.

What is the Haddix Ignatian Advising Program?

The Haddix Ignatian Advising program is a four-year comprehensive advising and career preparation program rooted in the Jesuit tradition. Students will have intentionally developed programming and experiences for each of their four years at Creighton. This program is specifically designed to help lead students on a path to finding their passion and vocation in life beyond the years they spend at Creighton.

What if my RSP advisor isn’t teaching at Creighton anymore?

That’s OK. We will be combining a few sections together.

Is the Haddix Ignatian Advising program just for sophomores?

No. Our current focus is on this sophomore programming while we are developing and piloting the program. However, in the years to come, the Haddix Ignatian Advising Program will be an integrated four year program in the College of Arts and Sciences.

What is Unlimited Opportunities?

Careers for Arts & Science Majors: Unlimited Opportunities will take place February 12-23. Nine academic departments will host alumni from their major who will discuss their career paths since graduating from college. The panels will help address the question often posed by students: “What can I do with a major in ________?” Alumni will discuss their experience at Creighton, internship opportunities and career options. This is a great networking opportunity for students. A schedule with date, time, location, and participating alumni will be available at the end of January.

How do I go about setting up a informational interview?

An informational interview is a great way to explore a career field you are interested in while also building your network. See the John P. Fahey Career Center’s site on Informational Interviewing for information, videos and resources about how to set one up.

*The book stipend will be offered only for spring 2018 semester, and students must complete all activities to receive the stipend.