Magis Core Curriculum


Creighton University is committed to offering a liberal arts and sciences education that prepares you to go out into the world as an effective communicator, critical thinker, expert problem solver and ethical decision maker. That’s why the University has in place the Magis Common Core Curriculum—and why the College of Arts and Sciences enhances the core with liberal arts and sciences specific offerings. “Magis” means “the more” and is often used in Jesuit education to describe the push to go farther, dig deeper, and push harder.

The College of Arts and Sciences builds on the Creighton’s already exceptional and cutting-edge curriculum and exposes you to the full scope of interdisciplinary Jesuit liberal arts and sciences programs. You’ll benefit by learning within the following areas as part of the Magis Core Curriculum for arts and sciences students

  • Fine Arts—engage in the arts through creative processes, formal study and nonlinear modes of thinking, problem-solving and expression
  • Foreign Language—expand your worldview by learning the essentials of basic communication, including speaking, listening, reading and writing
  • Natural Science—learn fundamental concepts and methods of a particular scientific field
  • Social Science—further your knowledge of society and human nature
  • Ultimate Questions—explore some of the deepest and most mysterious dimensions of human experience